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Forcing a Story to Evolve—From First Draft to Finished Draft

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome paranormal writer and blogger, Jami Gold! She'll be stopping in over the next few days to answer any comments you have. (Thanks, Jami!)

On my blog last week, I talked about how it’s fascinating to watch a story evolve from a story seed into a full-blown draft. … Read the post

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Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Spann Craig (aka Riley Adams)

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome Elizabeth Craig/Riley Adams for this week's Sensational Summer Friday guest post.

I'll confess I let out a huge SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE when Elizabeth agreed to be here. Why, you might ask?

Is it because she finds the very best writing links and tweets them to all of us hanging out on the #amwriting hashtag on Twitter?… Read the post

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The Hero's Journey: A Thumbnail Sketch of Real Life

Writers In The Storm is thrilled to welcome this week’s Sensational Summer guest blogger, Connie Flynn!

Connie has published ten novels and several short stories. Her werewolf series was recently reissued by Back In Print and is available on Amazon.com.… Read the post

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