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Write a Better Fiction Story by Finding its Beating Heart

by Sandy Vaile

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Every story has a beating heart that gives it purpose. It’s the vision that keeps all the working parts of a novel focused on what really matters, enabling the author to outline more easily and write a purposeful story.… Read the post

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The Heart of a Novel: Its "About-ness"

by Barbara Linn Probst

I’m delighted to join WITS as a regular blogger! Thanks for having me.

We’ve all had that question put to us by friends, relatives, colleagues, and potential readers. It’s a reasonable question.

“It’s the story of a woman who …”

“It tells what happens when ...”… Read the post

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Finding Your Story's Theme

Jenny Hansen

A few years back, I wrote a post called How To Focus on Your Story's DNA that identified the elements of story that never change. I use those unchanging elements to help keep my story on track. Theme is one of those important elements, and it's a tough one because most of the writers I talk to don't how to articulate their story's theme.… Read the post

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Forcing a Story to Evolve—From First Draft to Finished Draft

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome paranormal writer and blogger, Jami Gold! She'll be stopping in over the next few days to answer any comments you have. (Thanks, Jami!)

On my blog last week, I talked about how it’s fascinating to watch a story evolve from a story seed into a full-blown draft. … Read the post

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Writing The Big Picture - Don't Trash The Roadmap

By Sharla Rae

In our WITS crit group, we all have our individual critiquing talents: grammar, tight writing, action scenes, male point of view, description  etc. And when one of us starts a new project, we verbalize or write an outline of the story so that our partners can critique the individual story elements as well as the Big Picture.… Read the post

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