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How to Find Your Perfect Agent Match

Susan Spann

For many writers, the author-agent relationship is confusing, and even frightening. Sometimes, authors forget that agents are people (just like us) instead of literary krakens who feed on authors’ hopes and dreams.

The author-agent relationship is a partnership. Like any business arrangement, it can lead to great success or crater into the ground at breakneck speed.… Read the post

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WITS Throwdown - Query Strategy: Narrow Focus or Scattergun? Part 2 (or the correct way)

by Orly Konig-Lopez

Last week you heard Fae explain her query technique. While she takes a conservative approach, I have a slightly - okay, drastically - different method.

For me, it's a numbers game.

spaghettiNow that doesn't mean toss an entire package of spaghetti in the air and hope something sticks.… Read the post

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