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The Power of Certainty-A Reality Where Success Is Inevitable

by Jaime Buckley

road next to a sign that says Success Ahead

You and I need to have a conversation.

It’s about time, ya know.

I watch you putting forth so much effort, weaving your creativity, shaping your ideas, but then you stress.

You wonder if you’re doing the right thing.… Read the post

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How to Succeed as an Author

by Lisa Norman

people writing and working for success

When I’m teaching, students ask me what the magic key to success is. My clients ask me, too. Just last week, I met a young writer who asked me this same question. He wanted to know the magic formula for success.… Read the post

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Our Capacity for Brilliance

Kathryn Craft

Turning Whine Into Gold

In high school, I was the type of high achiever that had my teachers taking me under their wings. Turns out, that wasn’t always such a good thing.

My fifth-year Russian teacher, thinking I’d follow in his footsteps, challenged me to write a research paper on a Russian ballerina—in Russian.… Read the post

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Use the Energies of 2017 to Jumpstart Your Writing Career

There are a lot of exciting possibilities for everyone this year, all relating to the changing energies around us. You don't have to believe in anything "new age" to admit that the first month of 2017 flew by like a rocket.… Read the post

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Time Management Secret: "YES Makes Less"

What's the time management secret that's sure to help us all get TONS more writing done? "Yes makes less." It's my new favorite motto.

If you've never heard of Steven Pressfield or Shawn Coyne, you're missing out on some amazing lessons.… Read the post

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