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The Power of Certainty-A Reality Where Success Is Inevitable

by Jaime Buckley

road next to a sign that says Success Ahead

You and I need to have a conversation.

It’s about time, ya know.

I watch you putting forth so much effort, weaving your creativity, shaping your ideas, but then you stress.

You wonder if you’re doing the right thing.… Read the post

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6 Daily Habits To Build a Solid Writing Career

by John Peragine

One of the hardest things to do as a writer is to be organized and business-minded. We want to live within our worlds of fantasy and dare anyone or anything to break us away.

I am one of the lucky few who can say that their day job is writing.… Read the post

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7 Ways to Get Rich From Writing

Kathryn Craft
Turning Whine Into Gold 

It’s true: after years of growing to trust the blogging team here at WITS, someone is finally going to spill the bean-counter’s beans. Read on, because there’s more to getting rich than this sure-fire technique:

Write major selling points in their own paragraphs—in red!Read the post

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Overcoming the Emotional Obstacles to a Writing Career

Jamie Raintree

writing inspirationI started writing my first novel 8 years ago, almost to the day. (I don't know why I'll always remember it was July 12th that I wrote those first fateful words.) I had already been writing for years, mostly short stories and some failed attempts at novels, but there was something about this time that was going to be different.… Read the post

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Design Your Writing Career from the Top Down

Jamie Raintree

writing career

When we first start writing, it's only natural to start with...well, writing. I remember when I first imagined the idea of writing a book. It was an absolutely ridiculous thought. Me? Write a book? Wasn't that reserved for the elite of the world?… Read the post

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