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Reading as a Writer -- Is It Different?

James R. PrestonJames Preston

When I was growing up I read a lot.

I had a pattern, a way that I approached books that just evolved sort of on its own. I'd read for a while, get to a really good part and then go off and do something else, something mindless.… Read the post

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Writing Conference Wisdom: A Whirlwind of Speed Dating

James R. PrestonJames Preston

 We write to entertain, to share our experience, or because we have a story that simply must be told. But it's not easy. Let's be honest. If you studied piano for the same number of hours you put into your writing you could at least pound out "Jingle Bells" at the company party.… Read the post

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Slicing the Salami ~ When Is It DONE?

Writers in the Storm welcomes James R. Preston, mystery writer, for our Friday the 13th blog. Could be scary stuff, but personally, I think James is part comedy writer, and we couldn't be luckier to have his help with a question we've all wrestled with.… Read the post

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