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Writing Through Life Catastrophe

Susan Donovan

Pages per day. Word count. Butt in chair. Drop-dead due dates. These are our mantras, the rhythm of the writing life. Whether we work for ourselves or New York publishing houses, we authors are ninjas when it comes to merciless goal setting and self-flagellation.… Read the post

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The Not-So-Funny Truth about Writing Humor

Susan Donovan

Do you think I’m sexy?

Well? Do you? This is not some rhetorical Rod Stewart question. I’m totally serious.

Do you think I’m sexy?

Perhaps not. So let’s move on to the next question.

Do you think I’m funny?Read the post

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Margie’s Rule #14: Make Strong Writing Stellar!

Hawaii, Paradise Isle, Margie on Rocks, laughingMargie Lawson

KUDOS to Fae and Laura and Orly and Jenny. WITS is THE BEST!

 Ready to dive into a deep edit of a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author’s work?

Susan Donovan. Published by St. Martin’s, HQN, Amazon, Kensington, and Berkeley.… Read the post

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