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The Crucial Role of Self-Confidence in Creativity

by Susan Watts

writer and warrior - self-confidence

As an author and a martial artist, I’ve discovered that self-confidence is not just a byproduct of skill but a catalyst for creative potential.

When we have self-confidence, we believe in our own capability, competence, and value to others.… Read the post

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Utilizing the Home Office Deduction for Authors

by Susan Watts

Woman calculating taxes and bills for home office

As an author, your home office is not just a space for work; it's your sanctuary, your creative haven where the magic of storytelling unfolds. But did you know that your home office could also provide financial benefits in the form of tax deductions on your individual US Federal tax return?… Read the post

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Guardians of Creativity: Writing Safely in Public Spaces

by Susan Watts

Writing in public places, such as coffee shops and libraries, offers a unique blend of inspiration and potential challenges. As both a martial artist and author, the combination of creativity and personal safety comes naturally. However, for others, safety may not be a major consideration.… Read the post

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