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How to ADAPT to Change in 2024

by Lisa Norman

Time to Adapt on a sticky note with a stack of books and a container of pencils

The one constant with technology these days is that it’ll change much sooner than we want it to. The speed of change is only going to increase over the next year. Adaptability is now a basic life skill.… Read the post

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Marketing, How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!

By Piper Bayard of Bayard & Holmes

I’ll say it straight up. Marketing is the bane of my writing existence. I can draft a book, withstand ruthless editing, rewrite the book half a dozen times or more, format it, create a cover for it, etc.,… Read the post

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Understanding Tech Fundamentals: The Basics All Writers Need

by Lisa Norman

A mouse using a laptop with a trackpad

Two students came into one of my "build your own website" classes. One was geeky and he'd dragged along his friend who described himself as impossibly tech challenged. One of the first things my non-geek student said was, "The internet just doesn't make sense to me.… Read the post

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How to Survive the Singularity of Rapid Technological Change

by Lisa Norman

fantasy planet with a singularity on the horizon

Are you feeling any tech stress? I know that I am. Hang with me for a moment, and I promise there is a happy ending to this post.

Some things I've heard authors say recently:

  • I'll never learn all of the stuff I'm supposed to know as an author!
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All You Need to Know About How to Write with AIs

by Lisa Norman

an AI and a human collaborating over a laptop

Note: as you read this, it is probably already out of date. This technology is changing daily, but I've tried to cover the underlying issues and abilities for authors that should give you a stable life raft sailing into the future.

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