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Beguile Your Readers with Tension, Suspense, and Conflict

by Lynette M. Burrows

Photograph of a frightened boy up held up against a red brick wall by a person in a green sweatshirt whose fist is about to punch the boy.

Mastering the elements of tension, suspense, and conflict in your stories requires that you recognize the difference between them. Last month, in Part I, I discussed the definitions and gave samples of each. This month, we’ll dive deeper into the role of each of those elements in a story and techniques to develop them in your work.… Read the post

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Ramp Up The Fight To Amp Up The Tension

by Jenny Hansen

So you think you know how to fight dirty?

Monday's post explained the nuance of "clean fighting" and how to use it to your best advantage in your stories.

Today, we're gonna leave Mr. or Ms.… Read the post

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The Drama Bomb - Drop it!

Please Welcome Mario Acevedo to WITS - he's a best selling novelist and instructor over at the Lawson Academy, so you know he knows what he's talking about! Here he is:

Mario here: I’ve been invited to share a little of what I know about writing tension and conflict.… Read the post

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Blogging Guest: Donald Maass -- It’s Not About The Cougar

We're huge Donald Maass fans here at WITS. We've got all his books. Mine are dog-eared. He has a way of breaking down critical craft points and making them easy to understand. He's graciously allowed us to repost a blog that originally appeared on a blog we're also fans of, Writer Unboxed.… Read the post

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