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WITS Throwdown: Social Media

by Fae Rowen

To say that social media is not my strong suit is a lie. I'm not playing with a full deck; the social media suit is missing. And I don't care.

I prefer to call someone rather than text them.… Read the post

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Writing Process Throwdown: A Mess in My Pants

Mine is the last of our writing process throwdowns (or in my case, throw up). In case you missed the others, here they are: Fae, Orly, Jenny.

I’ve been dreading this. Not because I’m embarrassed - I’m of the school that if it works, DO IT! Read the post

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Throwdown Part 2: Write What You Don't Know

by Fae Rowen

When Laura Drake originally suggested this topic months ago  I knew I would be on the "don't know" end of the throwdown.  Everyone else at Writers in the Storm writes about what they know.  With Sharla Rae's historicals, she researches and researches until she has notebooks filled with information. … Read the post

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6 Key Lessons I’ve Learned From Horses: The Three T’s - Tools, Techniques & Time

 By D. A. Watt

In my two previous blogs, I covered three other key lessons I've learned from horses; Attitude, Knowledge, and Imagination.

Notice, talent is not included in my title. It’s not about talent; it’s about the three T’s of craft.Read the post

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Sweat Equity: Perspiration vs. Inspiration in Writing

By Laura Drake

On Monday, our own Fae Rowen took on the Inspiration half of this discussion, brilliantly. You can read it here.

When this throwdown was first suggested, all the WITS Bloggers assumed I’d take the Sweaty side. I don’t want to think about what that says about me.… Read the post

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