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Writers, Are You Breaking the Cardinal Rule?

by Angela Ackerman

Ah, the euphoria of holding one’s own book. Nothing compares, does it? In that moment, the months (or years) of writing, revising, editing, polishing, and finally publishing are in the rearview mirror. All we know is the joy of seeing our hard work compressed into pages and fitted with a stunning cover.… Read the post

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9 Writing Productivity Tips I Learned from Knitting

by Kris Maze

Writers often set New Year's Resolutions to write more or to be more productive and I am not an exception. Some plans may not have turned out as productive as I would like. Maybe it was unexpected changes at work or writer's block, but I was not feeling up to writing over this winter month.… Read the post

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Time Management for Writers Who Hate Time Management

by Julie Glover

Have you tried using planners? Time management apps? Color-coded spreadsheets with goals and deadlines? And yet nothing seems to work?

Welcome to my club!

In case you’re a bit like me, let’s talk about time management for writers who hate time management.… Read the post

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10 Common Time Management Mistakes Writers Should Avoid

Colleen M. Story

Image by Free_Photos from Pixabay

Let’s face it: time management is a must for writers today.

Not only must we find a way to fit writing into our lives, but we also have to figure out how to market our books and build our platforms.… Read the post

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Saying "No" to Get Your More Important "Yes"

Julie Glover

My name is Julie, and I'm a recovering plate-juggler.

Photo credit: ranczandras, deposit photos

And by "recovering," I mean I couldn't even get my 30-day chip in this program. I have serious trouble with taking on far more than I can handle, and my list of ideas and projects rivals St.… Read the post

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