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8 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Author Website

by Penny C. Sansevieri

The best author websites are often the most simple. You don’t need flashy fonts or expensive designs.

Overcomplicating your website with these pricey add-ons can often lead to the opposite of what you’re expecting: fewer sales.

Here are eight common mistakes authors make on their websites and how to avoid them to get better sales on your book.… Read the post

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Author Website Fresh

Sierra Godfrey

Plastic Food Containers Like TupperwareIt would be nice if we all had a virtual set of Tupperware that allowed us to take out nice fresh pieces of our websites or blogs when things get stale. Let’s face it—even if your website or blog is professionally designed or a straight-off-the-shelf template, and whether you’re promoting a book or just building an audience or community, we all have the same problem after a while.… Read the post

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