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Character in the Tapestry: Writing from Culture to Character

by Janet Forbes

person crying with mountains in the background

Who do you cry out for when you’re in pain? Is it God? Your mom? Or do you try to stifle your cries?

We’re all a product of our environment: of our parents, our education, our morals and taboos.… Read the post

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Mundane to Magical: Using Clichés, Metaphors, and Similes

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

magical storytelling - girl reading a book with a fish looking over her shoulder in a library

World building is one of my favorite aspects of writing science fiction and fantasy. It’s a chance to open up the creative floodgates and let the imagination run wild. But world building is more than just the physical and descriptive details of a place.… Read the post

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Writing Science Fiction, part 2

by Ellen Buikema

(Part 1 of this series can be found here.)

Begin in the Past

When building the world for your science fiction story, consider creating the backstory, or history.

Whether your world is an advanced space-faring civilization, about to encounter aliens, or if a virus wiped out most of the planet’s peopled population, you need to begin in the past.… Read the post

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The Magic of World Anvil

by Lisa Norman

World Anvil - Light up the forge!

In my last post, I talked about digital readers, a group of readers who like to interact with stories in new and creative ways. Many of these readers are young, but not all. People of all ages are discovering the fun of interacting with stories and the passion is contagious.… Read the post

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World Building Using POV

This is a true story: 

I looked out my window this morning, as I always do while drinking my breakfast protein shake.

In the heavier than usual wind, the prayer flags flapped loudly.

Through the narrow gaps of brightly-colored material I saw a profusion of blooming tropical flowers.Read the post

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