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Fix Fluff Words –Fillers for Writers to Avoid (part 2)

By Kris Maze

In a previous Writers in the Storm blog post, we covered several common filler words to avoid.  This post extends the list of word-culprits, along with searchable lists, to help you self-edit your writing.  Take some time searching for these in your WIP and tighten your writing today.… Read the post

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Characters

by Eldred Bird

When it comes to plotting out a new story, I’ll admit I’m a hardcore pantser, but when creating characters, not so much. I need to know who I’m writing about before I can tell their tale. My theory is the more real the character is to me, the more real I’ll be able to make them for the reader.… Read the post

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A Month of Writing Prompts —Summer Edition

By Kris Maze

Writing a novel can be daunting and writers can get stuck on that first draft. Why not liven up your writing by taking your characters on a Road Trip this summer? By now you may have enjoyed summer plans yourself.… Read the post

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3 Tips for Seamless Scene Setting

Sonja Yoerg

photo credit: Lost in Space "Warning Will Robinson" via photopin (license)

Lost in Space. Remember that TV show? No? Sigh. It aired in the 60s and featured a family in Jiffy-Pop space suits roaming the galaxy in an attempt to return to Earth. I mention it because, as fun as that show was, you don't want your characters lost in space.… Read the post

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Using Pressure Points To Reveal Character

Angela Ackerman

Angela AckermanOne of the most important jobs we have as writers is to always push the story forward, forcing our protagonist to act. This isn’t always easy.

Characters, like people, fight change and personal growth because it makes them feel vulnerable and can be emotionally painful.… Read the post

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