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How to Manage Emotions Through Writing

By Sarah (Sally) Hamer

Writers often talk about opening a vein, giving our life-blood to a page. But is that all we give when we write? Writing takes time, effort, research, digging through memories, skill, emotion, and, possibly, even a little bit of our soul.… Read the post

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Writing Blues: Get Inspired During After-Holiday Lows

By Kris Maze

person reading a book

As writers, we often find solace in the written word, but what happens when the holiday season brings more blues than cheer? It's not uncommon for many to feel a bit down during this time of the year.… Read the post

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Writers: Are you taking care of yourself?

by Sarah (Sally) Hamer

self care checklist - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee, healthy lifestyle, habits and personal development concepts

Writers are notorious for spending a lot of time alone, sitting too long in front of a computer, not socializing, and just not taking care of their health. These habits often get even worse during November because of NaNoWriMo.… Read the post

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The Case for Slowing Down and Self-Care

by Amy Winters-Voss

and breathe

As creatives, we feel the push to keep producing and hustle culture says we always have to be as productive as possible. 

When the finish line is on the horizon, those tasks we have yet to do multiply like rabbits.… Read the post

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Here Be Monsters: Writers Beware!

by Margie Lawson

Image is an illustration of the post Here there be monsters: writers beware that is a color drawing of an old sea map with Neptune and Poseidon at nine o'clock and three o'clock with eight other sea monsters forming a circle with them.

“Here Be Monsters” was printed on old nautical maps on regions that were uncharted. 

No one knew what was beyond. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. And unknowns were scary.

In those days, cartographers drew in the off-the-map areas.… Read the post

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