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3 Steps to Conquering "Writing Challenge Addiction"

Hi everyone, I’m Orly and I’m a challenge addict.

It started innocently enough. You know, a writing challenge here to get motivated, another challenge there to get a draft done. Pretty soon it became multiple challenges a month. What can I say, there’s just something about being in a group of writers suffering with supporting each other.… Read the post

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The Perils of Writing in Public

It’s the day after Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably exhausted and have a jolly hangover. So let’s just hang out and swap stories.

Orly and I were chatting in an early email over coffee the other day about yet another way that we writers are seen as a different species by the rest of the population: Writing in Public.Read the post

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A Recipe for Fear—and its Antidote

Kathryn Craft
Turning Whine into Gold

Fears Graphic

Fear can waylay even the most intrepid writer. Recently, I found myself in its confidence-rattling grip.

Followers of this series might be saying, What? This can’t be written by Kathryn, the relentless optimist who would never be caught whining on the Internet and who I’ve come to count on for my monthly shot of can-do attitude!Read the post

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Writerly Gratitude: What's On Your List?

I married a grump. Don’t get me wrong, Alpha Dog is my hero and my best friend, but he can be a bit – negative. Sometimes when I realize I’ve been listening to an hour long gripe-fest, I’ll put my hand up and tell him he can’t say anything else, until he says something nice.… Read the post

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An Author's Assistant - Do You Need One?

I have heard other authors discussing their experience with assistants, and frankly, some of them were horror stories. I wasn't even clear on what an assistant did, much less being able to assess if I needed, or could afford one. When my friend, Susan Squires, raved about a new assistant she hired, Kelly Oakes, I wanted to know more.… Read the post

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