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Taking a Story from Idea to Concept to Premise

Susan Bischoff 

mindmap-1469592_1280Writing as a career isn’t easy—especially for those writers who are still in another career (the evil day job). We can’t have a career polishing five-year novels, and we know, given the demands of day jobs, family, and all the commitments in our lives, that our writing time is very precious.… Read the post

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Write Up A Storm - Back By Popular Demand

Write Up a Storm

It's b-a-a-a-ack!

During our first event on April 20th, we wrote a whole book! The final word count for our first Write Up a Storm was 79,591 words.

We promised a follow-up event, and it's coming up just in time to jump start your engines for NaNoWriMo. … Read the post

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Writing Process Throwdown: Jenny's Story Quilting

Writing is a very imprecise process for me, which surprises no one who knows me well. I’ve tried a gajillion tools in my quest to get a book off the ground and finished. Fast Draft, W-Plot, Snowflake Method.… Read the post

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