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Sometimes it's more important NOT to do that good thing

by Lisa Norman

What Should I Do?

Our writing profession is full of Shoulds. You should:

  • post on social media.
  • blog.
  • invest in paid advertising.
  • go traditional.
  • go indie.
  • sell on your own website.

And then there’s the tech advice! You should:

  • use Microsoft word.
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The Writing Jungle, 12 Ways to Stay on the Path

by Laura Rossi

Writing can be a lonely journey.

I’ve been in the writing jungle for over ten years now and, even though I can’t consider myself an expert, I think I can safely say that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to writing.… Read the post

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How to Decide What You Really Want from Your Writing Career

by Colleen M. Story

writer facing 3 doors to the future

When you first started writing, what did you want?

It might have been a publishing contract, a spot on a best-seller list, a way to work from home, or books that supported your coaching business.

But then as you went along, things changed.… Read the post

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The Hardest Book I’ve Ever Written

Julie Glover

I’ve got more than 10 full manuscripts under my belt and several short stories as well. While none has been a breeze, some have come easier than others. I recently got to wondering which book was the hardest to write.… Read the post

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Five Writing Tips We Love to Hate

by Eldred Bird

While perusing the Twitterverse recently, I happened upon a question that caught my interest. Author Jeff Richards asked, “What is your LEAST favorite common writing tip?”

We all have that one piece of advice that makes us roll our eyes when someone feels the need to impart that particular kernel of wisdom.… Read the post

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