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Five Writing Tips We Love to Hate

by Eldred Bird

While perusing the Twitterverse recently, I happened upon a question that caught my interest. Author Jeff Richards asked, “What is your LEAST favorite common writing tip?”

We all have that one piece of advice that makes us roll our eyes when someone feels the need to impart that particular kernel of wisdom.… Read the post

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How To Build Your Own MFA Experience

by Tasha Seegmiller

I just finished my MFA at Pacific University. I had several reasons I went to get this expensive graduate degree, one which is obvious – I wanted to dedicate time to my writing. I wanted to get better. … Read the post

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5 Things I'd Go Back and Tell "Baby Writer Me"

Do you ever wish you could go back and have a chat with "Baby Writer You?" I think about that sometimes, about the things I'd tell that shiny, awkward, clueless soul.

But like parenting or dating, or any other hands-on life thing, you have to figure it out for yourself.… Read the post

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Share Your Golden Writing Wisdom!

Laura Drake

There are SO many things that I wish I'd known in the beginning (or even yesterday). We all could use help/encouragement, and some advice is just too good not to share. Like my all-time go-to: If you don't know who's POV to be in in a scene, choose the character who has the MOST to LOSE!Read the post

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10 Things Learned from 10 Years of Writing

Julie Glover

I recently passed my 10-year anniversary of Writing In Earnest. I began the novel that became my first full manuscript after I evacuated to my in-laws’ house to escape Hurricane Ike, which hit the Texas Gulf Coast in September 2008.… Read the post

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