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What’s Your Body Language IQ?

by Margie Lawson

Everyone needs to become an expert on body language. Misreading body language can lead to disgrace, disaster, and divorce.


How well do you read body language?

Take the 10 Point Quiz I created and find out!

What’s Your Body Language IQ?

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The Body Language Of Love: Beyond Lust And Attraction

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Last week at WITS I wrote about writing deep point of view using layers of emotions and I promised this week to share about writing love in deep point of view. If you missed last week’s post, make sure you check it out.… Read the post

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Get Fresh! Write the BEST Body Language with Margie Lawson

Margie LawsonBy Margie Lawson

 Big hugs to Laura Drake for inviting me to post at WITS today.

I love teaching writers how to create their best, best, best writing. Writing that draws the reader in so deep, that when the POV character’s heart races, the reader clutches their chest.… Read the post

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10 Not Absurd Lessons from Margie Lawson (and Her Peeps!)

By Jenny Hansen

Last Friday Margie Lawson did a guest blog at Writers In The Storm. If you missed it, please take a moment to catch up by clicking here.

As usual, Margie’s advice was spot-on and amazing. However, what surprised me about Friday’s post was the comment section.… Read the post

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10 Not Absurd Tips for Writing Fiction - by Margie Lawson

I'm very excited to have my mentor, Margie Lawson guest blogging with us today. Fae Rowen and I attended her amazing Masters Immersion Class this year, and are editing feverishly!

Here's Margie:

A HUGE THANK YOU to Laura Drake and the Writer’s in the Storm bloggers for inviting me to be your guest today. Read the post

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