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Mash-up of Magnificence #3

by Jenny Hansen

All of us at Writers In The Storm had so much FUN in April…did you? We had amazing guest posts (thanks Tara Taylor Quinn and Pamela Kaye Tracy!), the sweeping Safari Journal from Fae Rowen and some amazing blogs on Writing Craft.… Read the post

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Put Your Flabby Writing On A Diet

By Sharla Rae

Too much flab on a person can cause a fatal heart attack. It's fatal to an author’s writing too.

Flabby writing is usually the result of wordiness or over writing. Both are weak and tiresome and make editors go cross-eyed.… Read the post

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Plotting Method: The Blind Men and the Elephant


By Laura Drake

Have you ever heard this Indian Parable?  Six blind men try to determine what an elephant looks like by feeling different parts of its body. The one at the tail says an elephant is like a rope; the one at a leg says it’s like a pipe, the one at the ear, a fan, and so on.… Read the post

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Like With Like = Great Story Flow

By Sharla Rae

I preach Like With Like to my critique partners all the time and once in a while, they remind me to practice what I preach. So what do I mean by like with like? It’s not as easy to explain on paper as it is to point out the mistake in a WIP but here goes.… Read the post

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Dialogue Tags: How to Kill Off Some Of The Little Buggers

by Sharla Rae

In Laura Drake’s recent blog My Editing Peeves, here at WITS, she points out dialogue tags. I have to agree that too many “saids” on a page or even in a chapter are annoying. Sure there are other tags like snarled, whispered, interjected, cried etc.… Read the post

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