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7 Character Lessons from a Real Life Heroine

by Piper Bayard
of Bayard & Holmes

This week on June 8 was Women’s Fiction Day, celebrating strong female protagonists. More and more stories these days are bringing us great female characters. In thrillers and military fiction, one challenge is to write those strong women as authentic, well-rounded female personalities rather than alpha males with lady parts.… Read the post

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5 Research Tips for Historical Fiction Writers

Susan Meissner

Every now and then I get a little jealous of the freedom that fantasy fiction novelists have to create a world and its history with such creative and even reckless abandon. Since I write historical fiction (emphasis on historical), I don’t experience the same level of artistic liberty.… Read the post

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Writing Historicals - How Accurate Must You Be?

Today's guest is my writing 'twin.' I say that because we seem to do everything together; we got agents, sold, got our covers, and will release our debut novels, all within a month of each other! She's an amazing author - remember, you heard of her here first! Read the post

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Researching The Historical Novel - Part 2

by Sharla Rae - (Here's a link to Part 1 in this series!)

As we discussed in the last post, for the writer who enjoys history, researching is often the best part of writing a historical novel. The other day, we discussed building the framework.… Read the post

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Using Real People and Events in Fiction - Michelle Diener

Our Sensational Summer Friday guest today is a true world traveler – she was born in London, was raised in KwaZula Natal, South Africa, and she now lives in Australia.  Laura Drake knows Michelle Diener through her RWA-WF (Women's Fiction) chapter, where Michelle is the VP of Communications.… Read the post

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