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Writers in the Storm Are Thankful for . . .

As we begin the Holiday Season, Writers in the Storm would like to take today to share what we're thankful for, but don't worry.  We are indeed thankful for an ocean of things, but we limited ourselves to gratitude as it relates to our writing.Read the post

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Sweat Equity: Perspiration vs. Inspiration in Writing

By Laura Drake

On Monday, our own Fae Rowen took on the Inspiration half of this discussion, brilliantly. You can read it here.

When this throwdown was first suggested, all the WITS Bloggers assumed I’d take the Sweaty side. I don’t want to think about what that says about me.… Read the post

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Inspiration vs Perspiration in Writing

by Fae Rowen

This one isn't so much a throwdown  as a mirror reflecting what keeps us writing.  Usually Laura Drake draws the line in the sand first, but today I'm going to talk about inspiration and writing.  On Wednesday, since she's the queen of "bottom in the chair," Laura's going to follow-up with perspiration and the writer.… Read the post

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Making Cards-and Writing-Part 2: The Process of Creating Art

by Fae Rowen

To our readers who comment on this blog:  You'll be entered for a chance to win six hand-crafted cards from Fae Rowen.  One entry per person, please.  We'll post the winner of the cards next Monday, August 29. Read the post

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The Long, Winding Road

By Laura Drake

After fourteen years of trying, I signed with an agent this month!  That’s a lot of years to keep at something. But during down times along the way I've thought back to the first spark of the story, to get the inspiration to keep going.… Read the post

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