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The Boss Fight, Sherpas, and the Devil’s in the Details

by James R. Preston

Photograph looking down a rocky alpine slope at a mountain climber on a rope.

”Left, James, swing left!”

I pushed off and swung left just as a boulder the size of a refrigerator hurtled down the cliff toward me.

One of the principles of adult training is called the WIIFM, which is an acronym for What’s In It For Me.… Read the post

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5 Things Kids Taught Me About Writing

by Ellen Buikema

Much of my career was spent working with young children and they gave me a different way of viewing and understanding the world. Life lessons from children serve as invaluable resources for writing and life.

Top 5 Lessons


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3 Writing Lessons Learned from a Robotic Vacuum

RoboticVaccuumBy Laura Drake

About ten years ago, I had back surgery. After I healed, I went back to Domestic Goddess duties, but found I couldn’t vacuum anymore.

Something about the pushing and pulling killed my back. So I informed Alpha Dog (did I mention he’s also Texan?)… Read the post

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Invasion of the Bees--and a Writing Lesson

by Fae Rowen

This morning I walk into the kitchen for a drink of water and see a large fly on the window.  Turns out to be a bee.

Well, with the diminishing numbers of the honeybee, I don't have the heart to smash it, so I try to "guide" it out the door. … Read the post

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The Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned

By Jenny Hansen

Based on the title of this post, you might think I’m going to talk about plotting or character arcs or 3-Act structure… That’s a big fat “Nope!” to all three. There’s a lesson that comes before all those things and it has taken me a long time to get it through my head.

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