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Research: How Far Will Fiction Authors Go For Facts?

by Sandy Vaile

One of the fastest ways to alienate readers is to get your facts wrong, which can feel like an overwhelming responsibility when writing a story. But how far would you go to bring authenticity and interesting elements into your story? … Read the post

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Create Stronger Characters by Giving Them Roles

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Give characters a specific role like in a movie

There’s one trick I use that makes writing—and developing—my characters a whole lot easier.

I’ve always been a bit of a pantser when it comes to characters. I figure out only the basics of who they are and where they came from before I start a draft, and I learn who they are by putting them into terrible situations and seeing how they get out of it.… Read the post

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Can a New Location Boost Your Writing Productivity?

by Julie Glover

View of Pont Valentré and the River Lot in Cahors, France

In 2021, my husband and I sold our house and ordered a new house to be built. When our apartment lease ended, the house was nowhere near ready.… Read the post

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Diversity and Inclusion In Writing

By Megan Ganesh

Why write books with diverse and inclusive characters?

The world is made up of many people whose diverse backgrounds, quirks, experiences, dreams, and interactions with others shape their lives.

Everyone is unique. However, we all have things in common, whether they are things we have witnessed or experienced.… Read the post

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Share Your Work on Podcasts (and Get Asked Back)

by J. Alexander Greenwood

Image is of a young woman in a purple dress speaking expressively into a microphone sharing her work on podcasts.

Self-promotion is one of the most challenging aspects of being a writer. As a writer and public relations consultant, I know it’s tough to get booked on TV, radio, or elsewhere to talk about books. But there is good news: podcasts about writing and books are abundant, and if you find the good ones, you can earn new readers.… Read the post

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