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How to Escape Imposter Syndrome in Your Writing Life
Image is a face facing left and a face facing right. Suggesting we sometimes have two faces, one we show and one we don't.

There’s a lot written about Imposters Syndrome. Most of it attempts to reassure us that feeling like an imposter is normal. I’m not here to argue with that. But too many of us do not realize how deviously imposter syndrome can invade your creative life. Or… Read the post

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Just. Write. The Thing.

by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

writer not actually writing

Today, I want to tell you to get over yourself.

I am in a lot of writers’ groups online and off, with literally tens of thousands of writers in various stages of their journeys. I regularly attend several writers’ conferences, am in a couple of critique groups, I had a weekly stream talking about the business of creativity, I both formally and informally mentor or help writers, you get the idea.… Read the post

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Being Hacked Made Me Realize the Importance of Newsletters

by Dr. Diana Stout

In the far left corner is the back of someone in a black hood and black jacket superimposed over an image of 1s and zeros with the image making a bulging circle in the center and in the center of that circle is the word HACKED in red capital letters.

Do you struggle with creating and maintaining a newsletter?

I have, and from the first time I heard that authors needed to have a newsletter, I've struggled to find my newsletter niche, where writing one isn't a chore.… Read the post

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Two Success Factors No One Wants To Talk About

by Jaime Buckley

New writers often have questions. We want to understand the path to walk so we can find success.

Thing is, ‘success’ has various definitions, depending upon who you ask. You and I are motivated by different things, and this complicates conversations between writers.… Read the post

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How to Survive the Singularity of Rapid Technological Change

by Lisa Norman

fantasy planet with a singularity on the horizon

Are you feeling any tech stress? I know that I am. Hang with me for a moment, and I promise there is a happy ending to this post.

Some things I've heard authors say recently:

  • I'll never learn all of the stuff I'm supposed to know as an author!
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