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I DARE YOU: The Strange Beginning of an Amazing Journey

by Rebecca Forester

Photograph from out on a blue ocean toward a strip of green hills with sandy beaches. A hand holds a marker and is circling the hand lettered words "challenge accepted with red marker.

I have never kept journals. I did not dream of being a writer. I am a disappointment to 90% of the writing community and probably considered blasphemous by some, when I admit my career started as a joke. … Read the post

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Put Your Life into Your Writing

by Eldred Bird

Writing in a pub with a beer

One piece of advice a lot of writers (including me) get tired of hearing is to write what you know. It’s always felt very limiting to me. I’m more of a “do the research and write what you want to know” kind of person.… Read the post

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🌟 7 Super Mental Health Hacks for Writers to De-Stress 🌟

by Kris Maze

As writers, it's important to take care of your mental health to maintain our productivity and to have a balanced, happy writing life. Sometimes this means taking a break from writing to attend to the important aspects of being a good human and to reset our minds for better creativity.… Read the post

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Guardians of Creativity: Writing Safely in Public Spaces

by Susan Watts

Writing in public places, such as coffee shops and libraries, offers a unique blend of inspiration and potential challenges. As both a martial artist and author, the combination of creativity and personal safety comes naturally. However, for others, safety may not be a major consideration.… Read the post

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Ready, set … not ready? Not yet?

By William F. Wu

Image is of two clocks with gold rims, white faces, and gold roman numerals, each has a pair of wings on it. Flying at a diagonal, the front one is in sharp detail with the rear and lower one blurred.

I’m writing this with two longtime friends of mine in mind. I’ll call them Carol and Rick. Both were close to my age. Carol died in her sixties and Rick died some years later in his seventies, both of natural causes. … Read the post

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