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Surviving Rejects

by Charlotte Carter

Every writer gets rejects. But they don’t have to be demoralizing.

Some years ago I was writing magazine articles. I’d allow myself ten rejects per article then moved onto something else. (I did manage to sell a ‘few’ articles, but what a struggle!)… Read the post

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A Million Ways Not to Write a Book


By Laura Drake

This novel writing is very hard stuff.  Trying to learn craft while balancing plot, ideas, genre, and market. How anyone finishes a novel amazes me.

Sometimes it feels like I’m golfing and juggling . . . at the same time.… Read the post

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Editing Pet Peeves

Laura Drake

We all have them.  Things that make us crazy, whether we’re reading a novel for pleasure or critiquing a colleague’s work.  We’re readers first, and I believe these peeves are forged by what we’ve read; like Chinese water torture they fall, drop by drop, until you notice them and continuing until you can’t see anything else and want to throw the book across the room.… Read the post

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On My Way Back?

By Denise Domning

When my first book came out in February of 1994 my youngest son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome Autism, was in the middle of his very violent teen years.  Then, two months later on April 28, 1994 my older son, Adam, was murdered. … Read the post

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