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The Surprising Places Research Can Lead You
Photo of an open book revealing a map. A pair of glasses sit on top of one of the pages.

By Diana Clark 

My passion to write about Latin American protest music started innocently enough. A long and deep interest in Hispano-American history and culture led to an interest in using fiction to write about the interesting events and characters I’d studied for years. … Read the post

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Research Your Novel on a Rambling Road Trip

By Kris Maze

Summertime is fun time, but it can also provide useful insights to your writing. I’m planning my next minor road trip close to home (*ahem, looking at you, gas pump) and making the most of these opportunities away from my writing desk.… Read the post

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Your Dead Ancestors Can Help You Write That book

Ella Joy Olsen

Who are my long-lost relatives? And what role did they play in determining who I am today? Where does their identity place me in the patchwork of humanity? These are some of the questions people hope to answer when conducting ancestral research, a trend that is growing worldwide.… Read the post

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Guest Blogger: Bestselling Author Karen White - Living with Both of Me

We are very excited to have with us at WITS today, NYT bestselling author, Karen White. If you've been on vacation in Atlantis for the past ten years and haven't read her, you're missing out - hers are some of the best novels we've ever read. … Read the post

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Researching The Historical Novel - Part 1

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to some really icky computer issues, NakedEditor Tiffany Lawson Inman's post will be delayed until next Friday, Sept 23rd. Since she is AMAZING, we know you'll want to check back then to see it. ~Jenny 🙂

Researching The Historical Novel
Part 1 in a series
by Sharla Rae

For the writer who enjoys history, researching is often the best part of writing a historical novel.… Read the post

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