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The Pain of First Pages
Frustrated writer at laptop

Why is it so $#%*! hard to write the opening of a novel?

Maybe you stare at the blank page wondering where to begin, how to best introduce your characters, or what will make the best hook to keep readers turning pages.… Read the post

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A Pomegranate Method of Writing a Story

By Kris Maze

Woman writing at table with pomegranates

To write a good story, one that speaks your truth and sparks interest in readers, you can use a variety of story-writing methods. Today, I want to inspire your story writing with a fruit twist. Consider this a free-formexercise to try if you need a little energy infused into your writingroutine.… Read the post

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The Writing Jungle, 12 Ways to Stay on the Path

by Laura Rossi

Writing can be a lonely journey.

I’ve been in the writing jungle for over ten years now and, even though I can’t consider myself an expert, I think I can safely say that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to writing.… Read the post

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Making Clichés Work for You

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Closeup image of a calendar with and fingertips holding the end of pen. One day in the center of the image is filled with cross-hatched lines in light blue and brown with the words "Clichè Day" in the center of it.

Clichés aren’t necessarily bad—they’re just not original.

One of my favorite writing T-shirts says “I avoid clichés like the plague.” But clichés are so ingrained in our day-to-day lives that it’s hard to eliminate them completely from our writing.… Read the post

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Writing How to: Piecing Together the Perfect Scene
By Lori Freeland
Photo of an artist's desk with pens & inks & paints visible around the edges of a paper flat on the desk with a faint outline of a woman's face where some of her hair and one eye and a little of her mouth are more complete but much of the painting still needs pieces done

I went to an art party once. The kind of party where I showed up with friends, a bottle of wine, and zero artistic talent. When I first stood in front of that blank canvas, brush in hand, I froze.… Read the post

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