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How to Create a Powerful Synopsis to Sell Your Novel

By Kris Maze

When sending out work to an editor or publisher, you will most often need a specific set of documents they will request. Query letter, check! First fifty pages, check! Synopsis, wait what? I don’t know why, but many of us balk at the thought of creating this tidy little summary of our book baby.… Read the post

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One Plotting Tool for All

Whether you’ve just finished a project or you’ve just started writing, facing the blank screen (page) is daunting. It can make even the best ideas shrivel in your head and freeze your fingers. Some believe that story structure is essential for success and advise all writers must plan their story in advance.… Read the post

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How To “Go Deeper” Into A Character’s Emotions

By Lisa Wilson-Hall

Writing character emotions is tricky, but an effective way to bring your writing to life. Emotions serve three specific purposes: to inform us, to protect us, to warn us. All of this is true in real life as in fiction.… Read the post

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5 More Writing Tips We Love to Hate

by Eldred Bird

In a previous WITS post, I covered five of the Twitter writing community’s least favorite tips and so-called “rules” for writing. One article wasn’t nearly enough space to cover the subject, so I’m back with five more!… Read the post

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13 Ways Your Writing Inspiration Already Surrounds You

By Kris Maze

Writing Inspiration arrives like a lightning bolt and disappears like a mist, but we can replenish this elusive entity each day with our surroundings. When I examined my workspace for writing 'fuel', I found many ways it helps me coax the words onto the page.… Read the post

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