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Story in Trouble: 5 Signs You're Ignoring Your Antagonist

by Colleen M. Story

How is your story going? Is it on fire with lots of excitement and drama?

Or is it limping along at a lackluster pace with little emotional impact?

If it’s the latter, consider this: You may not be paying enough attention to your antagonist.… Read the post

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Subgenres and Comp Books. Find Ones that Sell Books Better

By Kris Maze

You’ve written your book, edited it, collected beta reader feedback, and now you want to shop it around to editors and publishers.  First off, congratulations! You have finished a book. But now you will need to know how it fits in the world of book stores and online sales, and one step to categorize your book is by using comp books.… Read the post

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5 Things Good Writers Just Can't Control

by Colleen M. Story

One of the things we have to learn as writers is how to take control of our writing careers.

Nothing happens unless we power the machine, so to speak. It’s one of the lessons of writing—we have to be self-motivated and self-directed.… Read the post

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Writing Through Life's Storms

by Eldred Bird

person in yellow rain coat looks over the sea with storm clouds above the horizon

Let’s face it, writing is tough and sometimes the problems we face in our daily lives makes it tougher. Five years ago, my father-in-law fell and broke his hip. This accident led to two hip replacement surgeries and months of physical therapy.… Read the post

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