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January 24, 2011

Harper Connelly Mystery Series - Charlaine Harris - Paranormal

By Sharla Rae

Most of us know author Charlaine Harris for her famous Sookie Stackhouse books which evolved into the True Blood series on Television. But she’s also written other series, the Harper Connelly Mystery series and the Lily Bard Mysteries. I just finished Grave Secrets, her 4th and possibly the last installment and on the Harper Connelly Mysteries.

Since being struck by lightning in her teens, Harper Connelly is capable of finding dead bodies. She receives an odd buzz in her head when she’s around them, and can tell how they died and when. She and her step-brother, Tolliver travel the country helping people find their lost loved ones and occasionally helping the police.

As Harper performs her cadaver-finding job, her horrible family background of trailer-trash, drug-dealing parents is gradually revealed. She doesn’t know if her parents are responsible for her sister’s long-ago disappearance or if the girl was the victim of rape and kidnapping. Nevertheless, she believes that just as she finds other dead bodies, she will one day be find her sister’s.

As in most series, there’s a common thread running through these books. Actually, in Harper’s books, there are two. The first thread is Harper’s missing sister and the quest to find her. The lesser thread is the growing romance between Harper and her stepbrother. These threads keep the reader guessing and panting for the next book.

I’d describe the Harper books as a spooky page turner in a “quiet” way. That doesn’t mean there’s less action. It means that as a reader I was invested in the characters more than the other elements. They are more real, more layered. I know them! Thus I understood their quests, their ups and downs, and their quirks. They suspended my beliefs and allowed me to exist in their world for a little while. And thank you Charlaine Harris for that!

In the 3rd book, Grave Secret, the threads are tied up in a neat bow, all mysteries solved, romance resolved. So is that the end? Though I have no way of knowing for sure, I think not. Why? A psychic called Manfred emerged in the second book and reappeared in the last. He’s tantalizingly weird and funny and definitely deserves his own series. Maybe I’m psychic because I foresee great plots surrounding this character. We’ll see, I guess. Wanna take bets?

Visit Charlaine Harris at: http://www.charlaineharris.com/

PS: Just read that CBS is planning a TV series for Harper Connelley called Grave Site!

0 comments on “Harper Connelly Mystery Series - Charlaine Harris - Paranormal”

  1. I am a fan of Charlaine Harris having first read through the Sookie Stackhouse novels and then the Harper Connelly mysteries. I just wanted to point out one small thing- Grave Secrets is the 4th book in this series. The first was Grave Sight, second Grave Surprise, third Ice Cold Grave and then the fourth Grave Secrets. I hope you didn't miss any. All were great!

    1. Shanna,

      What did you think of the Shakespeare series? It was so different from the other two - I liked it but not quite as much. I just bought one of her Aurora Teagarden books as well to see how those go. All opinions are welcome, she is soooo talented.


      1. Hi Jenny,
        I have not read the Lily Bard ones actually. My mom is presently reading the Aurora Teagarden ones so hopefully I will read them after her. Based off of the premise and just that I enjoy Charlaine Harris' writing, they do sound like they are good.
        I loved the Sookie Stackhouse ones and actually appreciate the differences between the books and True Blood. I am looking forward to book 11 in May
        I was a bit surprised the Harper Connelly mysteries were kept to only 4 books, but I am glad the stringing storylines were tied up in the end. It will be interesting to see how they play it out as a TV series.
        For now I will just be reading the Sookie short stories until I start the Aurora Teagarden.
        I would love to know what you think of it once you get through book 1.

        1. I will, Shanna! I am moving right now (which is always HELL) and I'm planning on reading it as soon as I'm done. Give me a month and I'll not only have it read, I'll do a book review for the site. 🙂


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