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April 30, 2012

The Vibrational Energy of Crystals ~ for You and Your Characters

by Fae Rowen

When I was a child, a trip to my grandmother’s meant the opportunity to play with the dangling things on her lamp. On a sunny day, I could swing the prisms and watch little rainbows bounce around the walls.

(Yes, I was easily entertained.)

Now, I have a collection of crystals and rocks that I’ve acquired over the past decade to use in conjunction with energy healing. (Sound bite: record needle scratches across album. Say energy what?)

Let’s start with a little science lesson. Every cell in your body vibrates. Different cells vibrate at different rates. When they stop vibrating, you’re dead.

Your mental state can speed up the natural vibration or slow it. Everybody knows stress is not good for you; here’s one reason why. When your cell vibration is not optimal for long periods of time, your artery walls harden, your digestions goes whonky, and your mood and reasoning tank, just to mention three common problems.

Skeptical? I sure was. Did you know that the old mechanical, wind-up watch got retired because a tiny vibrating quartz crystal does the job now? There are a lot of physics classes about vibrational energy. But I became a believer from experience.

Here’s a picture of a cancer cell surrounded by vibrating iron oxide molecules. Researchers hope to develop a strategy to change the vibration of the cancer cell as a cure.

The book I’m writing now is set on a planet that is filled with crystals in all shapes, sizes and colors–and uses. You better believe they use the crystals medicinally.

Let’s talk crystals:

Do you need special training or skills to use crystals?

No special training is necessary. However, once a month, (more often if the crystal is doing some heavy-duty work for you) it’s important to “cleanse” your crystals. No soap and water–or time–required. Just set the crystal on a sunny windowsill all day.

Here are some of my crystals and their common uses by energy practitioners.

All crystals have many degrees of functions, so I’m just going to list a few. They are in no particular order other than where they are resting today on my windowsill.

Citrine: healing, particularly depression, and abundance

Fluorite: healthy bones and organs; good for helping with physical balance

Green Tourmaline: all ailments of the hearts, physical and emotional; speeds energy flow, clears blockages, and restores equilibrium; strengthens immune system, works well with the thymus gland

Black Tourmaline: realign pulled and strained bone and muscle tissue; increases confidence, security and a sense of belonging

Red Jasper: gently energizing for those with chronic fatigue

Kunzite: removes negativity and unwanted thoughts; can aid the cardiovascular system and thyroid problems and self-esteem

Kyanite: brings calm, tranquility; meditation can be easier with this stone

Labradorite: ideas and intuitive ideas are easier to access; one of the best stones for aura protection

Smoky Quartz: effective grounding stone; dissolves negative states of mind

Amethyst: aids healing process anywhere within the body; one of the best stones for healing physical ailments

Moldavite: development of subtle senses, intuition, and beauty of creation (Note: if it’s not green (see below), it’s not moldavite, don’t be “taken in” by another tektite.) Some people are very sensitive to this stone.

Hematite: supports the circulatory system, blood, and temperature regulation; can help with the detoxification process

Azurite: draws out old memories and stresses to be released in healing; stimulates communication skills, creativity and flow

Rose Quartz: powerful healing stone in all aggressive conditions; heals personal issues at the root of emotional and mental tensions;

Sodalite: stabilizes emotions and thought processes; enhances lymphatic and immune systems

That’s FIFTEEN crystals you’re invited to explore.

Your characters can be involved with crystals, even if they know nothing about them.


Your hero can carry a stone in his pocket that relates to something in his character arc. (And he doesn’t need to know about the properties of the stone as long as your readers do). You can have a bigger influence of crystals and their effects if you’re writing a paranormal and your characters know how to use crystals.

It doesn’t take classes or years of study to develop a rudimentary understanding of crystals. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Crystal Healing by Simon Lilly or Crystal Decoder by Sue Lilly ( a little more woo-woo) are both easy to understand and use.

Have you had interesting experiences with rocks or crystals? Do you have a stone that you carry with you? Do you have questions about crystals?

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  1. Interesting post. Thank you for putting it out there. I actually have had a fairly long connection with stones that started when my mother was in the hospital dying of cancer and a lady in the hospital gave me an Obsidian stone. I held onto it through the whole thing and carried it everywhere. Obsidian became the name and part of the theme of my first book. I also carry stones with me when I'm investigating the paranormal or tuning into spirits. It helps both protect and enhance.

    1. What a fun post! I took an eight hour, very intensive workshop with a woman who was an MD, a Shaman and an expert in crystals. It was wonderful! 🙂 When she heard I was a writer, she recommended sodalite. I noticed you mentioned sodalite as "stabilizing emotions and thought processes." So that would work!
      Would love to know what stones "gotghost" carries when she works with the paranormal?

      1. My introduction to sodalite was from my rock-speaking friend. She gave me a wonderful stone when I was going through the fire of "mid-life crisis," saying that it would help me figure out who I was. I carried it in my pocket and just touching it--like a "worry stone"--did help ground me. Aqua aura is a great stone for connecting to all things paranormal. It's quite pretty, too.

    2. Like you, I was introduced to goldstone when a loved one was in the hospital. Interesting how help comes in un-before-aware forms.
      I'm sure you've got a nice aqua aura in your collection. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Very timely topic! A smoky quartz pendant figures in my historical story I'm writing. Thanks for confirming that its properties support the purpose of the pendant so nicely. Removing negative thoughts opens lots of possibilities, whether the reader is actually aware of the crystal's properties or not.

    1. You know, Betty, I just trust now that when a new "rock" enters my life, there is a reason for it. Just like that smoky quartz in your historical. Good luck with that historical!

  3. I am called a rock hound, because I like rocks. I have rocks in my house, they decorate my bath room and I have crystal garden in the back yard. Yes, I love rocks. I have that book and love it. Great blog.

    1. Oh, Mary, I have to tell you a story about my friend. When we travel, she puts rocks in her pockets when we hike around. Before we leave the area, she spreads them on the ground and picks the few she "needs," and returns the rest. She always asks the Earth Diva if it's okay to take the rocks she's selected. One time she had so many rocks for "consideration" in her cargo pants' pockets that her pants slid down her hips! Good thing no one else was around.

  4. What a great article for illuminating the possibilities of crystals. I've been working with crystals for years. Carrying the stones with you during the day and placing them under your pillow at night can have amazing effects on a person. I have many people working with crystals and reporting great effects.

    One of my in progress novels has the main character utilizing crystals, some of which you listed. A really great crystal you didn't mention is the Tibetan type. They carry the energy of "Om" and bring deep calm to the user. Besides that, each crystal has another specific purpose and can aid the wearer in other ways. Thanks for spreading the information about how effectively crystals can be used in our writing and life.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Lorraine. I had no idea so many people are writing crystal-using characters. That's a fantastic way to share the "good vibrations" they generate. I had more crystals listed, but we cut the list because of length. Maybe next month I'll do a Part 2 with another fifteen. And, yes, I have some Tibetan quartz that is quite lovely.

      1. I'd love to see you do that because you'll spread the realization that crystals are living being put on Earth to help us. I look forward to it!

  5. Fae, Given my knee issues, I've got to find some Black Tourmeline! Thanks for this facinating glimpse into a world I knew nothing about!

  6. Fae, like the lessons of the great sages, once upon a time I knew about these healing wonders, but alas I did not truly believe. I had a great collection of crystals and stones. Some were given to me by a friend, others were gathered in different small shops in lower manhattan. For years I hung prisms in my windows to catch the light and marveled every day when the sunset and caught them and bounced their colors against the walls and floors. I put a stone in my pocket every day, rubbed them at random, but never took the time to really learn the deeper meanings of them. Maybe I should do that now 🙂

    1. You've remembered what you forgot--how wonderful! It's amazing how the truly simple things can return to us newer and brighter than when we first encountered them. Enjoy what you saved from your collection and "acquire" what appeals to you now. What you need will appear. You don't have to know what they "mean" or how they work.

  7. Great post Fae! I've read stuff like this but you've made it easier to understand. I love blogs like because they give me great ideas for stories too. Really fun.

  8. Very interesting Fae. You know I spoke to a nurse once, a long time ago, when I first started looking at crystals, and she said that in the old days nurses were taught that everyone should carry a crystal on them 'for health'. I figured that it would have to be particular to the person, for instance, their birthstone or similar. Mine is Turquoise and I must admit I do find it uplifting whenever I wear that stone.
    Yvette Carol

    1. I'm a great believer in listening to your body for feedback. If a particular stone or crystal helps you physically, emotionally or spiritually, that's what's important. I'm happy you connected with your turquoise, Yvette.

  9. OK, after reading this, I can see that I'm in dire need of some crystals! What should I carry for:

    Worry, my bum shoulder, better focus, stronger self-esteem, healthy blood and weight loss.

    I can think of a few more, but those are my "Big 6."

    1. Well, Jenny, I do know some people who wear a leather pouch around their necks with a multitude of small stones, but you don't need to wear them all. You can place them strategically around your house--in your work space, under your bed, in your kitchen window. There's a reason that hundred-thirty-two pound amethyst geode is in my living room--and my collection of small stones and crystals is two feet from my computer on a window sill. As to your Big 6: I'd start with a nice hunk of rose quartz, which has a broad spectrum healing vibration. Malachite draws out emotional imbalances, so it can help with self-esteem and weight loss. You're going to like this one: ruby also helps with self-esteem and positive states of mind as well as enhancing physical function and the circulatory system. (If you've got some ruby jewelry--wear it every day!) Selenite brings clarity of mind, but be careful because it's a soft stone and easily damaged. Abalone can strengthen the structure of your body, for your shoulder. Red jasper will help repair and enhance the physical structure of your body as well. You probably need a date with my healing table. We've talked about a WITS spa day but never made time for it.

  10. Jenny, you sound like me. I need so many! What a wonderful, timely post! I have a couple of questions: my heroine is a witch who makes real "charm" bracelets. Can you use crystals in a charm bracelet or would putting a hole through them do something to them? Maybe they can be glued in a setting? Would a combo of Sodalite and Azurlite be best in freeing writer's block (not mine, my hero's)?

    1. Barb, your character would "wrap" and never drill her crystals and stones. Wrapping with fine gold, silver, or copper wire would enhance the beauty of the stone. My citrine crystal is wrapped in gold. I'll try to remember to wear it to the next OCC-RWA meeting so you can look at it. (Laura, Jenny and Charla--remind me!) It would also be important for her to work with intention as the jewelry is created. There isn't a specific stone to free writer's block, but red jasper stimulates psychic faculties, dreams and visionary skills as well as helping with accomplishing goals, like meeting a deadline. Similarly, a garnet can be used to help get a project under way. Wrapping them in copper would strengthen the nervous system and brain function and help release tension and frustration. Writer's block can be a symptom of many different difficulties, so there could be other "recipes" to help with it, but this would be what I'd start with. If your witch is a healer, azurite would be a good choice for a writer. Sodalite is more about "finding yourself" so if your witch needs help with balancing her emotions and a deep level of peace, she'd pick this stone. Good luck--your story sounds like a good read.

  11. This is awesome, and not just because I'm an energy healer. I have crystals scattered throughout my house, with amethyst and quartz accounted for in most rooms - due, in part, to unseen visitors who like to entertain themselves at my expense. 🙂

    1. I am so happy to "meet" the energy healers in our writing community. Thanks for reading, Ellen. It's true, although I don't usually think of my crystals as "shields" they do serve that function.

  12. Hi Fae!

    First - excellent post!
    Second - I have a question for you. I have a few crystals (and hope to expand my collection soon!), and read that "the best" way to cleanse them is to wash them with pure spring water that sat in a blue glass under the full moon.

    Ok, after typing that I feel ridiculous for even asking, but I'm too interested in your thoughts on it to delete it ;p

    ~ Kate

    1. Depends on what you're getting rid of. From my experience using the advice of those who know a whole lot more than I do, the sunny window sill or a light spray or wash with purified water (not distilled--spring water is great!) works best. You have to be careful not to damage the luster of the stone, so soap is never an option. There are some stones that "want" to be cleansed in the ocean, so I take them to the beach every once in a while for the salt water. But salt water is definitely not recommended for all. Now, if you were going to use the stone for a spell (whole 'nother topic!), then the blue glass and full moon would be pertinent. Or if you feel the stone carried some sort of spell this would be a way to remove it. Enjoy your crystals!

  13. I was fascinated by this. I am such a skeptic of what my friend calls "froo-froo" things, but it sounds like there is some real biology behind this. Thanks for spelling it out. I do know people who swear by magnetic bracelets and such. It isn't such a stretch to think that geologic properties of crystals might have some effect on us. Thanks, Fae!

    1. It's funny, Julie, but when I first started finding out about "crystal therapy" I thought, "I should be an investigative reporter. I'd blow this stuff out of the water." Amazing what having a personal experience can do to change your attitude. I just figure it can't hurt to cover all your bases, even if you're a little skeptical. Thanks for commenting.

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