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April 1, 2019

Get Ready for Write Up A Storm on April 15!

Writers in the Storm is having a "Writing Event" on Monday, April 15.

Write Up A Storm is a one-day sprint-writing bash on Facebook, designed to motivate and sustain your writing throughout the day. Even if that day job impinges on your time, you can participate before work, during lunch and after hours. We'll be here. Writing. Piling up word count. Supporting each other.

We'll be writing all day and keeping track of word count totals from our fabulous readers. You can post your word count in a comment that day, and we'll add it to the tally. You can post every hour if you want to and encourage others--or challenge them. Hmm, is this a WITS Throwdown in the making? We're hoping that everyone's combined word count will add up to a novella. Actually, Fae is hoping for a full-length book!

Here's a short list of simple things you can do to prepare for Write Up A Storm:

  1. If you're a plotter, work on that outline for your new idea. You don't have to finish the outline, but have enough to get you through three (or six) chapters.
  2. If you're a pantser, work your process so you've got the beginning of your story solidly ready to put words on the page.
  3. Know your characters–their motivation, their character arcs, what they want more than anything else in the world.
  4. Know what keeps your characters from getting what they want, whether it's another person, lack of something, like education, or money, or something from their past.
  5. Read to fill your writer well. Read like a reader and enjoy yourself.
  6. Mark the date on your calendar. Set an alarm on your phone.
  7. Commit to a definite number of minutes–even if it's only ten–of solid writing time.
  8. Complete any research necessary to write the section you plan to work on.
  9. Contact other writer friends to participate for support. They will thank you on Tuesday, April 16, when they look at what they've accomplished.
  10. Finish routine chores like the laundry and grocery shopping during the week-end.
  11. Pre-cook meals and snacks for the day.
  12. Read to fill your writer well. Read like a reader and enjoy yourself.

Sign up link for the event.

Are you willing to commit to writing on Monday, April 15? Are you willing to share your word count? How about sharing a tip now to help all of us get ready?

About Fae

Fae Rowen

Fae Rowen discovered the romance genre after years as a science fiction freak.  Writing futuristics and medieval paranormals, she jokes  that she can live anywhere but the present.  As a mathematician, she knows life’s a lot more fun when you get to define your world and its rules.

Punished, oh-no, that’s published as a co-author of a math textbook, she yearns to hear personal stories about finding love from those who read her books, rather than the horrors of algebra lessons gone wrong.  She is grateful for good friends who remind her to do the practical things in life like grocery shop, show up at the airport for a flight and pay bills.

A “hard” scientist who avoided writing classes like the plague, she now enjoys sharing her brain with characters who demand that their stories be told.  Amazing, gifted critique partners keep her on the straight and narrow. Feedback from readers keeps her fingers on the keyboard.

When she’s not hanging out at Writers in the Storm, you can visit Fae at http://faerowen.com  or www.facebook.com/fae.rowen.

19 comments on “Get Ready for Write Up A Storm on April 15!”

    1. Ha! You are welcome to give us hourly updates of your word count seven days a week!

    1. Perfect timing, Christina! It's also perfect timing for people getting ready to enter a summer contest or pitch at a conference.

  1. I'll pop in to see how everyone is doing and cheer you on. I'm working on revisions, so word count doesn't apply. I'll be with OC Writers in the morning toiling away! Happy writing, all!!

    1. Revisions count, Barb! If you start a scene with 500 words and end with 600, you've written 100 words! If you started a scene with 500 words and end up with 400, you've still written 100, just in reverse!

    1. You better be! For those of you who don't know, Laura always take our early shift because she's up before dawn!

  2. I'm in! It will help catch me up on Camp Nanowrimo, of which I'm already behind 😉

    1. We're here for you, Mary! Revisions are writing, and that's always word count!

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