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August 30, 2020

Online Courses Help Authors Gain Credibility and Revenue

This Spring I received an email that changed the direction of my career. My friend August McLaughlin sent a note out to her mailing list about Danny Iny's free Online Course Bootcamp, which put words and action to a dream of mine.

I taught corporate computer classes for more than a decade but I stopped when my daughter was born ten years ago. She was my miracle baby and I didn't want to miss a moment of her infancy. Plus, I was tired of traveling all the time.

But I've missed teaching adults (so much!) during all these subsequent years as a business copywriter. And with this pandemic in full swing, and people beating down my door to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, it just seemed like the perfect time to explore teaching my LinkedIn mojo online.

All these months later, I'm still catching my breath.

Meet Danny...the man who helps
make the Impossible possible.

Danny Iny is an incredible teacher and his classes have opened my world to scores of other people who are also chasing dreams. His community is built around integrity, work-life balance, and the importance of teaching your gift. I warn you...he packs a lot into each of these three trainings. But they are awesome. And FREE.

(When I find a free quality resource for my WITS peeps, I share! And I'm sharing it on an "off day" because it's a bit out of the norm in terms of what we usually post here.)

What does the Bootcamp cover?

First of all, this resource is time-sensitive. All three video recordings are here for you to watch between now and midnight tomorrow. (Feel free to skip around if one day focuses more on what you'd like to learn.) Each "day" of Bootcamp is about 1.5 hours worth of learning.

Bootcamp official synopsis:

Day 1 - The business opportunity in online courses

  • Who can succeed at online courses (and how to know if this is right for your business)
  • The truth and lies of the "passive income" dream - and how to get the freedom you want without sacrificing income
  • Why pricing your course too low won't bring you the students you want, and pricing it too high won't generate more revenue
  • How your course will fit into your business model to support everything else you do
  • How to create online courses that fit seamlessly into a B2B environment (they aren't only for consumers!)
  • What the future of online course business looks like, and how to thrive in a post-COVID-19 landscape

Day 2 - Creating courses people want to pay for

  • How to find the right topic for your course (hint: it isn't always what you think it will be)
  • Ways to identify the right scope for the very first version of your course, keeping it swift and simple to build
  • An answer to the question every course creator faces: How long should your first course be?
  • The different modes of delivery that work best for online learning in different contexts
  • Exactly how to explain the value of your course so that people "get it" and want to know more
  • How to create a high-quality course that delivers a genuine transformation for your students

Day 3 - Attracting and enrolling great students

  • How to find plenty of paying students, even if you don't have an email list or a big audience online
  • Four different strategies for enrolling your first 50 students (plus advice on which strategy to use when)
  • How to have an ethical, non-slimy sales conversation with a future student - no pressure and no hard sell
  • How to create a marketing machine that automates the selling process, so you can watch the enrollments come in without lifting a finger
  • How to use your first online course to jump-start a high-value coaching business, serving people who want extra guidance
  • A zero-effort technique for exposing your course to hundreds of new people each month

Watch all three videos here - they're only available until midnight Pacific time tomorrow night, August 31.

If you have even a small amount of time to spare between now and tomorrow night, I highly recommend these. If you don't have time or aren't interested, that's okay too. But there was no way I wasn't sharing the free replay with all my peeps here at WITS! This information is fabulous.

Happy learning!

10 comments on “Online Courses Help Authors Gain Credibility and Revenue”

    1. You are so welcome, Denise! Time is always the thing I have in shortest supply. But I figured if it was the message even one of our WITS readers needed, it was worth it to share. I took this Bootcamp in April and I was absolutely on fire afterward.

  1. I can't believe this timing, Jenny. I piloted a live class last fall at a local community college called "Wipe Your Feet Before You Step All Over Me," (LOL) about overcoming people-pleasing. I had planned to take it on the road locally, and already had one booking, then COVID hit. So now I'll be putting together an online version, and have a session scheduled for October. Thank you for thinking of all of us!!!

  2. Jenny,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! The timing couldn't have been more perfect for me as I just outlined a course this morning with the goal of a passive income project leading to a one-on-one personalized mentoring business. Thanks to Danny Iny as well. You two have given me the courage to make this idea a reality.

    1. I'm so glad, Christine! He has a fuller class, which I opted to take, but even getting the information from the Bootcamp is a huge boost. I'm delighted with our great timing...everyone deserves that boost to chase their dreams. 🙂

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