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Author: Sharla Rae

Point of View, Whose Head Should I Be In?

by Sharla Rae

The first thing writers learn about Point of View or POV is that it refers to whose perspective through which the reader experiences the sounds, smells, actions and emotions of a story/scene. Seems simple, but sometimes knowing which character’s head to be in isn’t simple.… Read the post

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This Week in Critique Group – 7/22/10

I admit it.  It’s hard to accept criticism.  Oh, you think that’s obvious?  Not to me. 

I’ve always been good at accepting constructive criticism - at work - at home.  Okay, maybe not so much with from my husband, but I try to take something away from the input from everyone else. … Read the post

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My Dolls

By Sharla Rae

Writers live, eat and breathe writing, but imagination and creativity is something that migrates into every aspect of our lives. Here, under the topic of Other Obsessions I’m pleased to talk about one of my other obsessions. My doll collection.   … Read the post

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Sharla Rae


I have published three historical romance novels. SONG OF THE WILLOW,” my first solo effort, was nominated by "Romantic Times Magazine" for best first historical. Life happens and I took a break to raise my children and edited scientific reports along the way.… Read the post

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