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Author: Ellen Buikema

Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 2- Personality

by Ellen Buikema

Words have power. As a writer, you can create characters you loathe or love, sometimes a bit of both. 

It’s essential to know your main characters’ backgrounds, strengths, flaws, and personalities. These fictional folks will evolve as you create their stories.… Read the post

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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 1- Background

by Ellen Buikema

As a writer, you have the power to create new worlds filled with characters, places, and plots. 

To make sure your readers emotionally invest in the characters you create, you need to develop interesting ones so your readers will connect with them on a personal level.… Read the post

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How to Write Comedy Part 3, Situational Comedy

by Ellen Buikema

In this last in the series, we have Situational comedy—the sitcom—referring to comedic situations that are inescapable, awkward, and generally lighthearted. Look for Part1 on Physical Comedy/Slapstick and Part 2 on Verbal Comedy.

Sitcoms include a series of events meant to make readers or viewers laugh.… Read the post

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How to Write Comedy Part 2, Verbal Comedy

by Ellen Buikema

The word Comedy in green neon on a red brick background with a stand-up mike, awaiting the stand-up comedian.

Humor is an interesting concept. The goal is to be funny, but responses may differ. What makes some people laugh out loud may make others cringe.

In part two of the series on how to write comedy, we’ll take on verbal comedy—the art of comedic dialogue.… Read the post

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How to Write Comedy Part 1, Physical Comedy/Slapstick

by Ellen Buikema

Three main categories of comedy, often used in combination, are:

  1. Physical comedy
  2. Verbal comedy
  3. Situational comedy

Situational comedy involves characters, environment, and events. One, two, or all of these will need to be comedic in order to make the humor work.… Read the post

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