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The Editor or the Author: Who's In Charge?

An opinion on successful editor-author relationships

by David Lombardino

Writer and editor collaborating on a story

I hear the stories all the time: authors jaded by a traumatic experience with an editor and editors frustrated by authors who won’t listen to them. The authors lose confidence in themselves or, worse, abandon the desire to pursue their writing dreams.… Read the post

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Can We Talk? Interviewing Your Characters

by Sarah Sally Hamer

microphones set up for an interview

We all want to know our characters better, to make them ‘jump off the page’ or be ‘less like cardboard.’ But it’s not as easy as it sounds. After all, our characters ‘talk’ to US. How is it possible they don’t also come alive for our readers?… Read the post

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Judging a Book by its Cover

by Jenn Windrow

Photo of a hand holding a fountain pen on an open, pocket-sized journal. Written in bold letters across the fold is "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

In last month’s post we discussed everything having to do with editing. The importance of a well edited project, the different kinds of editing, and how to find an editor. This month we are going to talk about the second most important part of your indie published book…covers.… Read the post

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Authorsplaining: an Insidious Invitation for Readers to Skim

by Laura Drake

Photograph of a lynx showing his fangs in a very wide-open mouth screaming into a microphone set up.

We’ve all read it. We’ve all written it. The overexplanation. Even published books are rife with it (though I’ll bet, not many bestsellers are.) Is it small? Subtle? Often. But enough of it sprinkled in your writing will invite skimming.… Read the post

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The Power of Character Descriptions

by Lori Freeland

Enjoy delicious alcoholic drinks. Medieval people as a royalty persons in vintage clothing on dark background. Concept of comparison of eras, modernity.

“When writing characters, it's important to remember that they are not just tools to move the plot forward; they are living, breathing individuals with their own hopes, dreams, and fears.” 

- Stephen King

I’m a character-driven writer. But even if you’re more story driven, great characters are the beating heart of every memorable book.… Read the post

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