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I DARE YOU: The Strange Beginning of an Amazing Journey

by Rebecca Forster

Photograph from out on a blue ocean toward a strip of green hills with sandy beaches. A hand holds a marker and is circling the hand lettered words "challenge accepted with red marker.

I have never kept journals. I did not dream of being a writer. I am a disappointment to 90% of the writing community and probably considered blasphemous by some, when I admit my career started as a joke. … Read the post

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Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Hybrid Author

by Tari Lynn Jewett

Illustration at center bottom is a book labeled my books with three arrows pointing to three illustrations at the top:  a drawing of a laptop computer labeled Indie Publishing a plus sign an illustration of a small store labeled Small press another plus sign and an illustration of a tall office building labeled traditional publishing.

I began the transition from freelance magazine and newspaper writer, to fiction writer right at the cusp of what I call “The New Indie Publishing”. I call it that, because previously the primary way to indie publish was with a vanity press.… Read the post

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Untangling the Mess: Overcoming Common Revision Obstacles

By Janice Hardy

Image of a hand holding a red pen above a manuscript page with corrections in red ink sitting on a wooden desk. in the background on the far left is a green plant in a white vase on the right is an electronic tablet and the a mug of coffee.

Every revision is unique and each one offers a different challenge to overcome.  

Some manuscripts are clean first drafts that fall out of your head and onto the page like they wanted to be written. Other stories fight you every step of the way, and you have to whip them into submission to make the novel work.… Read the post

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Start with a Bang: a Personal Journey

by James R. Preston

Close up photograph of a line typed by an old fashioned typewriter with a black over red ribbon. The line reads "Once upon a time..."

“A beginning is  the time for the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

Princess Irulan
The Manual of Mauddib

The Princess had it right, and so did Frank Herbert when he chose her quote to open the magnificent Dune.… Read the post

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The Triangle of Writing Structure

by Sarah (Sally) Hamer

Story triangle with child hands spelling story.

Most writers have heard of the Hero’s Journey; a basic structure of how stories have been told from the beginning of storytelling. We always start with a protagonist, whether a hero or a heroine, who has some sort of a quest, and has to learn lessons, gain allies, create enemies, and fight a huge battle at the end.… Read the post

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