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Author: Laura Drake

Celebrate Spring - Let's Pimp & Promote!

It's been a hard winter. Let's celebrate spring with a little "Pimp and Promote." Of course, this always costs us some money, because we have to go out and buy lots of books. But now that it's getting nice, we can find a tree to read under!… Read the post

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Redundant Writing - and How to Exorcise it

I read a blog the other day that taught me a new writing craft term: Countersinking. This is how Rob Bignell defines it in his article:

One way for an author to slow a story is to employ “countersinking,” a term coined by science fiction writer Lewis Shiner.

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WITS Throwdown: Social Media to the 5th Power

by Laura Drake

No, that isn't me, but it could be!

I'm the last to chime in on the throwdown. In case you missed the others, here's Fae's, Julie's, and Jenny's We didn't mean to do them in order from 'hate it' to all yay, but that's how it worked out.… Read the post

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First Page Critique

Laura Drake

I chose this month's submission to help explain how to show a tense scene from within the character, instead of telling - as if we're watching a movie. This scene has the potential to be edge-of-your-seat stuff, but it has several problems.… Read the post

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First Page Critique

Thank you, brave soul, for trusting me with your work. I hope you find this helpful.

I chose this month's submission to explain the difference between 'good questions' you can leave readers with, and 'not good questions', and how to use emotion effectively in your writing.… Read the post

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