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Author: Lynette Burrows

Love or Hate 'em Sometimes a Prologue is Needed

by Lynette M. Burrows

Close up photograph of a woman's hand on the first page of a book, her fingertips are just under the word "prologue."

Rumor has it that agents and editors hate prologues. The truth is agents and editors are readers. Some readers love a good prologue, others will never read a prologue. The same is true of publishing houses.

Prologues aren’t bad per se…but they are tricky to get right.… Read the post

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The Torment and Bliss of the Crappy First Draft 
Photo of a writer slumped over her desk in front of her laptop. She's surrounded by wads of paper, a lamp, a coffee cup, a mobile phone, and an old-style telephone.

You sit down to write but no words come. Or you grind out a few dozen or hundreds of words, then delete them all because the structure wasn’t there or the characters weren’t right or the sentences were crap. You bemoan the fact that writing is hard and you think maybe this writing gig isn’t for you.… Read the post

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Beguile Your Readers with Tension, Suspense, and Conflict

by Lynette M. Burrows

Photograph of a frightened boy up held up against a red brick wall by a person in a green sweatshirt whose fist is about to punch the boy.

Mastering the elements of tension, suspense, and conflict in your stories requires that you recognize the difference between them. Last month, in Part I, I discussed the definitions and gave samples of each. This month, we’ll dive deeper into the role of each of those elements in a story and techniques to develop them in your work.… Read the post

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Beguile Your Readers with Tension, Suspense, and Conflict

Part One

Some of if not the most important storytelling concepts a writer needs to understand are the concepts of tension, suspense, and conflict in stories. Those three things can captivate your audience and keep them turning pages. However, the concepts overlap enough to cause confusion.… Read the post

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Write with Intention and Discover Your Power 

by Lynette M. Burrows

Photo shows the back of a young person with short hair, sitting on a bench or step, facing a life-sized blue and white chess board with black and white pieces positioned as if a game is in play.

There is an avalanche of messages about the way to writing success on the internet. You invest tons of time and money via trial and error to determine which way is right for you. It would help if there was a single tool you could use to make your choices and decisions, wouldn’t it?… Read the post

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