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Time Management for Writers Who Hate Time Management

by Julie Glover

Have you tried using planners? Time management apps? Color-coded spreadsheets with goals and deadlines? And yet nothing seems to work?

Welcome to my club!

In case you’re a bit like me, let’s talk about time management for writers who hate time management.… Read the post

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The Social Side of Social Media for Writers

by Julie Glover

Social media can be a fantastic way for authors to connect with resources, share about their books, promote events, and more. But there's another aspect of social media for writers—the social part.

I've experienced many benefits of making friends online.… Read the post

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How Much of Our Real Life Shows Up in Our Fiction?

by Julie Glover

When my husband read the first draft of the first novel I ever wrote, he asked about my protagonist, “Is this you?”

That’s hardly the only time that question has come up. How much of our real lives and personalities go into the characters and world we writers create?Read the post

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Your Very Best Author Marketing Plan

by Julie Glover

I've thought about marketing a lot.

I've read books about it, talked with other authors about what worked and what didn't, and tried various approaches. I've mulled over publishing industry changes, book signings and tours, internet tools, and social media.… Read the post

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In Defense of Editing as You Go

byJulie Glover

Writing process is a topic of ongoing conversation among writers, whether just starting or multi-published. Plenty of books and articles have been written and workshops and webinars held to suggest this writing process or that one, claiming it’s The Way It’s Done.… Read the post

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