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Publishing Deals: A Warning About Nondisclosure Clauses

by Susan Spann

A “nondisclosure” agreement (or “NDA”) is a contract or contract clause in which one or both of the parties promise not to discuss certain subjects, facts, or contract terms.

In business, NDAs are common, but they generally only apply to legally protectable “confidential information” belonging to the parties who sign the contract.… Read the post

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Merchandising Rights in Publishing Deals

Susan Spann

This is the third in a subsidiary rights series. If you missed one of the posts, click to read the first or the second article. 

In publishing, “merchandising rights” refers to the right(s) to create, market, and sell merchandise (products) based on a book or its characters and settings.… Read the post

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Subsidiary Rights

Susan Spann

This is the second of three posts on this subject. You can read the first HERE.

“Copyright” actually contains of a number of “bundled” rights that belong to the author (or copyright holder). Each individual format and language is actually a different (but related) part of an author’s copyright, and the author has the choice to retain them or to license them, and to license them separately or as a group.… Read the post

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What Rights Does a Publisher Really Need? (Part 1)

Susan Spann

Susan SpannWhether you publish traditionally or opt for a self-publishing path, it’s important to understand the terms of the contract under which your books are published (or distributed, in the case of author-publishers). In the months to come, my guest posts here at Writers in the Storm will take a look at some critical contract clauses authors should look for—and beware of.… Read the post

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When is a Book “Out of Print”?

Susan Spann

Happy New Year!

SusanSpann_WITSIn 2016, my guest posts here at Writers in the Storm will take a look at some vital clauses and concepts authors need to understand before signing a publishing contract or agreeing to self-publishing terms of use.… Read the post

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