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Decoding DNS for Writers

by Lisa Norman

A bowl of alphabet soup with the letters spelling DNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Statements I’ve heard recently:

  • "I keep getting errors from my friend's Yahoo email. Tell her to fix it!" (hint: Yahoo was refusing the person’s email because they didn’t have it set up right…the problem was not on the receiving end, but on the sending end)
  • "Why is MailChimp telling me to do something?
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The Best Free Marketing Tool: The World in Your Head

by Lisa Norman

fantasy world with floating islands

This is part 3 of my series on sharable newsletters, an expanded answer to questions from part 1 and part 2.

This marketing thing has been the hardest part of writing for me, and I’ve met a lot of writers who have had the same experience.… Read the post

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How to Write Sharable Newsletters Part 2—A Fish Story

by Lisa Norman

so many fish

In Part 1, we covered why you want a newsletter and some of the key basics of the technology that you need to have in place to collect email addresses and send emails that will reach your readers’ inboxes.… Read the post

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Being Hacked Made Me Realize the Importance of Newsletters

by Dr. Diana Stout

In the far left corner is the back of someone in a black hood and black jacket superimposed over an image of 1s and zeros with the image making a bulging circle in the center and in the center of that circle is the word HACKED in red capital letters.

Do you struggle with creating and maintaining a newsletter?

I have, and from the first time I heard that authors needed to have a newsletter, I've struggled to find my newsletter niche, where writing one isn't a chore.… Read the post

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How to Write a Newsletter People Will Actually Share, Part 1

by Lisa Norman

vector image showing newsletters and emails sharing and flying around

There's a hole in the bucket.

When I work with writers on their marketing, everyone has a firm opinion about newsletters. Many authors come to me aggressively denying their need for a newsletter. "You can't make me do one!"… Read the post

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