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Confessions of a Naïve Author

by John Peragine

When you embark on the journey to go a non-traditional route of publishing, including self-publishing, hybrid publishing, or small/medium-sized publishers, you take on a lot.

We concentrate so much on the craft that when it comes to handing it over to someone else, we often want to crawl back to the comfortable place and begin the creation process again.… Read the post

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WITS Throwdown: Query Strategy-Narrow Focus vs Scattergun?

by Fae Rowen

Well, Laura Drake, AKA The Queen of Querying, finally helped me into the big scary world of querying. With both feet. On the first  Sunday in December she helped me send out eleven queries.

Those of you who love to query will think , "Eleven queries?… Read the post

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A Few of Our Current Favorite Links

It's been quite awhile since we've shared what we're following here at Writers in the Storm, so we decided to give you the pre-summer list of places we've been hanging out lately. Maybe we'll see you at one of them!

From Jenny Hansen:  In my humble opinion, Gene Lempp does the best writing mash-ups out there every Saturday – here’s his latest.… Read the post

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