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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 3- Flaws

by Ellen Buikema

In the real world we want to get rid of flaws. But to writers, flaws can be precious jewels, reflecting light on the storyline and all the other characters within.

A flaw for one character may be seen as a strength for another.… Read the post

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How Did You Ever Come Up with a Character Like That?

by Sharon K. Connell

Often, I’ve been asked how I find the characters I use in my stories. The first time I was asked that question, it seemed odd to me. That was because when an idea for a story comes to me, I simply imagine the character in whatever situation the story starts out in, and I go from there.… Read the post

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Give Your Characters a Do-Over


Jessica Strawser

Ever wished you could have a do-over?

Join the club. We’re all members—including your characters.

Our longing to rewind time can range from the frivolous (I may have once backed my car into something incredibly loud right in front of a guy I had a crush on—and the loud thing may have been a “Watch Children” sign) to the torturous (if only, if only, if only you’d asked if your neighbor kept guns in the house before letting your child go over to play).… Read the post

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