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The Up and Down Sides of Critique Groups: Is There Value in Finding Your Peeps?

Lori Freeland

Critique groups. Something you want to be part of? Or something you don’t? Ask a few seasoned writers, and you’re sure to get some strong opinions. As a writer, editor, and writing coach, here’s mine—

I’m pro critique group all the way.Read the post

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Desperately Seeking Writing Support?

Densie Webb

writing team

I recently read a blog post titled something to the effect “You Don’t Need Support to Write.” I couldn’t disagree more. Writing in a vacuum, without someone to give you honest feedback, occasionally shake their pompoms in your face or send you emails with lots of exclamation points congratulating you on your latest achievements, is somehow less satisfying.… Read the post

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10 Power Tips for Building a Great Critique Group

by Jenny Hansen

My day job as a software trainer is about building the skills of my co-workers so they can do productive work. And you know what I noticed several years back?

There’s TONS of similarity between my training life and my writing life.Read the post

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Brainstorming: Tips For Getting More Out Of "What if..."

CharBy Sharla Rae

Some writers brainstorm on their own, some do it with another writer or a group of writers. My personal favorite is 'what-ifing' with my critique group. Along the way I learned a few things. I think the biggest lesson was that if I walked away disappointed, it was probably my own fault.… Read the post

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Beta Readers – Why You Want Them, Why You Need Them

by Orly Konig-Lopez

Is your manuscript good enough to hook an agent? Make a sale?

If you have the beta stamp of approval it just might be.

And no, I'm not talking about your critique partners.

A critique partner and a beta reader are two very different animals (and honestly, neither should be fluffy and soft.)… Read the post

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