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6 Key Writing Lessons I’ve Learned From Horses

by D. A. Watt


To be honest, I’ve learned more valuable life lessons from horses than most people. Unlike humans, horses forgive and forget with patient sighs and much lip licking." D. A. Watt

I’ve still got a lot to learn from my four-legged partners.

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10 Power Tips for Critique Groups

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for an announcement: Amy Hahn was the lucky commenter who won a copy of Judy Duarte's new novel, Christmas on Nutcracker Court!  Congrats Amy!

Here's our own Jenny Hansen, starting a new series on critique groups.… Read the post

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Do You Fear Your Dreams?

by Jenny Hansen

The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty and the power of their dreams.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Dreams are a funny thing. Nightly dreams usually fade in the morning rush, except for the periodic nightmares that scorch our consciousness.… Read the post

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Are You a Head Case, too? Fear No More!

We're just in time for Halloween, and I'm baaack! by D.A. WATT

 This past week, I found myself scurrying along the side yard fence to enter my back door. I didn’t want to chance another run in with an enormous, icky spider’s web hosted by a giant cross orb weaver, that was commandeering my entire front entry.Read the post

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Our 100th Post...Who ARE Those WITS Bloggers?

In April, 2010, when Writers In The Storm was launched, we never contemplated making 50 posts, much less 100. We started this "blogging thing" as part of our yearly critique group goals.

We didn't know we'd have so much fun.
We didn't know we'd have so much to say.… Read the post

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