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Your New Best Friend: The Word "No"

By D. A. Watt

My first word spoken was, “No.” This is pretty typical, just like “Mamma” or “Dada” or, for the genius babies out there, something random like, “Tortilla.”

I’m all grown up now, and am no longer limited by a toddler’s vocabulary.… Read the post

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Mash-up of Magnificence #1

by Jenny Hansen

There are exciting things happening here at Writers in the Storm! Besides this first installment of our Mash-up of Magnificence, we’re excited to welcome Tara Taylor Quinn next Saturday. She’ll be stopping by on her blog tour for It Happened on Maple Street.… Read the post

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The Boundary Hunter and the Lemon Tree

Setting Boundaries Around Your Writing
by D.A. Watt

This morning, while basking in the early morning quiet in my yard, I studied my little orchard of citrus trees – a navel orange, a mandarin, and a lemon.

My dwarf lemon tree, over-laden with ripening fruit, bent uncomfortably, its branches pulled taut like broken bones, twigs nearly touching the ground.… Read the post

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