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Get A Clue: You've Got to Stop Over-using This Word

by Fae Rowen

Because I've got the October 2 blog date, I get to say Happy Birthday to my mother here. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thanks for indulging me. And for finding today's target word twice in the first sentence. "Get" and it's multi-tense derivative "got" could be nominated for one of the words everyone, not just writers, uses loosely for coming into possession of.… Read the post

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The 5 Stages of Editing Grief

I’m editing my novel. Again.

I don’t feel like telling you how many agains I have done in the course of turning out the best story I can deliver. But suffice it to say that when I received some wonderful feedback that convinced me I needed to go another round, I started off with determination!… Read the post

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The Most Important Edit No One Talks About

Everyone knows what I call the 10,000 foot edit – it’s the content/developmental edit – it’s looking at your story from a plane, to spot the plot mountains and canyons that need to be fixed. Genre no-no's? Unsatisfying ending? That night with the weasel scene?… Read the post

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Finding the Gold in a Dust-Bunny Book

Kimberly Belle

For the past few months, I’ve been making the promotional rounds for my second novel, The Ones We Trust. I’ve been talking to readers and touring on blogs, and one of the questions I keep getting is, how was writing this story different than writing the first one?… Read the post

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Margie’s Rule # 8:  Beware of Writerly!

Margie Lawson

 writingIf you wish review the rule that started it all... Margie-Rule #1: Never Take Any Word for Granted. Or read the whole series!

Are you an NCIS fan? A Jethro Gibbs fan? A Mark Harmon fan?

If you said YES, you know Jethro Gibbs has rules.… Read the post

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