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Branding for the Multi-Career Author

Sierra Godfrey

Most authors have a day job, and sometimes we’re lucky enough for that be writing-related. They say that the creative brain has the ability to be creative in multiple ways, and you’ll often find those who write also paint, act, sing, compose.… Read the post

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Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

Rhay Christou


Agents want it. Editors want it. Readers are begging for it. Deep point of view is all the rage.

But what is deep point of view?

Deep point of view is intense. It not only represents the sights, sounds, and actions filtered through a POV (point of view) character but goes deeper into emotions as well as a character’s unique worldview.… Read the post

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NANOWRIMO Prep: Get The Set Pieces Down

Angela Ackerman

NaNoWriMo season is almost here, a time when Plotters and Pantsers set aside their differences to chase a common goal: pounding out a 50K novel in 30 days. If this is your first time, fear not. It can be done!… Read the post

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Plotting for Pantsers

Plotting for pantsers … The plotters out there are laughing, the pantsers are gasping in horror.

Trust me … it can be done!

I’m a pantser with suspenders. No matter how many times I try to plot before starting a project, I freeze, can’t do it!… Read the post

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Use Adverbs "Consciously" To Make Your Writing Strong


I'll admit to being 'adverb adverse'. It’s one of my reading pet peeves  I’m reading along, immersed in the story when I start to notice them. And once I do, every one becomes a drop of water on my forehead, drip, drip, dripping until I want to heave the book. Read the post

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