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Use Adverbs "Consciously" To Make Your Writing Strong


I'll admit to being 'adverb adverse'. It’s one of my reading pet peeves  I’m reading along, immersed in the story when I start to notice them. And once I do, every one becomes a drop of water on my forehead, drip, drip, dripping until I want to heave the book. Read the post

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The Benefits of Doing an Editorial Map

Janice Hardy

Janice Hardy RGB 72There’s something satisfying about finishing a first draft. The novel that’s been poking you in the brain for months is finally done and you can stand back and marvel at it like a new parent. And like a new baby, there’s an awful lot of mess to go with all that joy.… Read the post

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Small Edits Can Make a BIG Difference

photo credit: cellar_door_films via photopin cc

photo credit: cellar_door_films via photopin cc

I don’t write a scene until I know why I’m writing it, what happens, and how it’s advancing the plot, or the characters. Not because I’m so exacting, but because I hate edits with the zeal of an over-caffeinated Mary Kay rep.Read the post

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Write Your Own Happy Ending with Scrivener

Gwen Hernandez

A few years ago, I ended a 15-year marriage to Microsoft Word and hooked up with a younger, sexier writing program: Scrivener. My graduate thesis took the shine off my romance with Word, but it was my foray into fiction that finally killed the relationship.… Read the post

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Novel Diagnostics---How to Tell if Your Book Might Have Terminal Problems in TEN Pages

By Kristen Lamb

For those of you who have submitted before, ever wonder how an agent can ask for the first 20 pages and still reject your book? Did you ever wonder if the agents really read these pages? How can they know our book isn't something they want to represent with so little to go on?… Read the post

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