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How to Overcome Obstacles to Writing, Part 1

by Ellen Buikema

All great relationships have obstacles, including the relationship we have with writing. Sometimes the muse loves us, other times…not so much.

What to do When the Muse Stops Talking

It’s hard to hear your muse when you’re worried.… Read the post

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What Do You Need to Write Regularly?

by Julie Glover

“I need to write!” How often do I say that to myself? How often do you say that to yourself?

It can be a challenge to find the time, space, and motivation to write. Let’s tackle each of those and address getting what we need to write regularly.… Read the post

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Time Management for Writers Who Hate Time Management

by Julie Glover

Have you tried using planners? Time management apps? Color-coded spreadsheets with goals and deadlines? And yet nothing seems to work?

Welcome to my club!

In case you’re a bit like me, let’s talk about time management for writers who hate time management.… Read the post

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The Moveable Muse

Aimie K. RunyanDeath_to_stock_communicate_hands_5

When I began writing, my children were very young—4 months and 2 years respectively. Each day at 2 PM, I would tuck them in for their naps and I had three to four hours of uninterrupted writing time.… Read the post

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Your New Best Friend: The Word "No"

By D. A. Watt

My first word spoken was, “No.” This is pretty typical, just like “Mamma” or “Dada” or, for the genius babies out there, something random like, “Tortilla.”

I’m all grown up now, and am no longer limited by a toddler’s vocabulary.… Read the post

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